Q: I've never had bark blown before, what can I expect?

A: Crews are typically 2 men on one truck and they will blow the bark into the areas you have specified. The more information you can give when placing the order, the better! Bark blowing is loud and dirty, so we'll remind you to shut your windows and doors and it would be wise to inform your neighbors to do the same. It is also helpful to shut off any sprinkler systems the night before to ensure effective clean up. After the bark has been applied, the crew will come back through with backpack blowers to blow any bark that has stuck to the side of the house of blown onto decks or sidewalks back into the proper places.

Q: Do I need to do any preparation for the bark?

A: You may want to have a pre-emergent put down, weed your beds and clean up the edges if necessary.

  • Doors & Windows need to be closed and vehicles removed from site.
  • Sprinkler system needs to be turned off and sprinkler heads marked, as well as any landscape lights.
  • Keep pets in doors and clean up ALL pet waste.
  • Trucks are loud & dusty. Notify your neighbors/residence that we will be on site.
  • Remove yard art, stones, lights etc
  • Water features need to be covered (ponds, fountains, hot tubs, birdbaths, etc)


  • The Blower Truck is about the same size as a school bus, 43 ft long, 13ft high and 11ft wide, 15ft are required for sharp cornering.
  • Truck cannot go up hills with more than a 10% grade.
  • Check that there are no low hanging wires, limbs or branches or other height restrictions.
Aardvark Bark Blowing
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